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Cheese Tray - 8" x 12"

Cheese Tray - 8" x 12"

Our 8” x 12” Cheese Tray is the most ideal size that provides plenty of room for your food, but also quaint enough not to dwarf your gourmet food service with unused space. Whether you serve your cheeses in full wedges or smaller cuts, this serving plate will surely add a stylish appeal to your food.

Pairs well with a cheese knife.

What you need to know for plating and cleaning your perfect cheese platter

Product Features

  • Real, Natural North American Black Slate.
  • 100% Made in the USA by American workers.
  • We use the Highest Quality Slate Available on the Market.
  • Each Slate is Leveled with clear, non-slip acrylic feet and is Dishwasher Safe.
  • Comes with a complimentary Soapstone chalk
  • Have Questions? Just Ask! We're happy to help!

    Comes with

    Dishwasher safe cheese board
    Dishwasher safe
    Acrylic feet
    Non-slip Acrylic feet

    soapstone chalk
    One Soapstone chalk
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