8" x 10" Individual Slateplate
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8" x 10" Individual Slateplate

8" x 10" Individual Slateplate

Product Description

The perfect size for an individual (or intimate) cheese plate. Our 8” x 10” slateplate is the ideal size for a couple of cheeses and a few grapes. This Slateplate is also beautiful as a place setting for dinner or desserts.

Pairs well with a cheese knife, dip bowl with lid

What you need to know for plating and cleaning your perfect cheese platter

Product Features

  • Each Slateplate starts with real, natural North American black slate.
    • Only our original Slateplate is 100% hand-cut and hand-finished in North Carolina, USA.
  • Unlike other slate, each Slateplate edge is hand-smoothed and guaranteed not to flake or harm you or your surface with sharp edges.
  • Each Slateplate comes with a stick of non-dusting, soapstone chalk to tag your cheeses or leave a message.
  • Each Slateplate is fitted with clear, non-slip acrylic feet to protect your fine surfaces and make it easy to lift from the table.
  • Slateplate is the only slate servingware that is Dishwasher Safe.
  • Your Slateplate can be chilled in the freezer or warmed in a warming oven (up to 200F) before serving.
  • Your Slateplate product is unconditionally guaranteed.
  • Have Questions? Just Ask! We're happy to help!

Comes with

Dishwasher safe cheese board
Dishwasher safe
Acrylic feet
Non-slip Acrylic feet

soapstone chalk
One Soapstone chalk
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