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Dinnerware Replacement: Its Cost and How to Reduce It

Finding the ideal dinnerware for your establishment does not end on the type of material and cost alone. When looking for commercial dinnerware options, replacement cost is also a critical factor to be considered. You want a dinnerware that would last you long, and will save you cash on maintenance and replacement. Durability and quality are aspects that you would not want to scrimp on.

Commercial dinnerware is often subjected to overwhelming wear and tear. Add the strains they undergo in the dishwasher, surely your dinnerware is put to the test everyday. Dinnerware for restaurant use is supposed to withstand these, however, with its repetitive use, it can undergo some levels of chipping and breaking. No matter how durable your dinnerware is, replacing them is a necessary part of the process.

The cost and frequency of dinnerware replacement depend largely on the material. Slate plates, as well as Melamine products, for example, are known to be heavy-duty. They are stronger and more durable than most other materials, and investing on them can last for 2 to 5 years, if handled and maintained properly. However, you may need to replace them more frequently even before they chip or break because they usually start to lose their luster when used heavily on a regular basis. On the other hand, chinaware is more prone to chipping and breakage, hence they usually require replacement every 3 months. Ensuring proper maintenance and handling can extend the life of your china to approximately 6 months up to a year.

Considering the rate of replacement needed for your dinnerware, your restaurant should aim at lowering replacement costs. The key aspect in reducing replacement costs is proper care and maintenance, as these will extend the longevity of your dinnerware. Rotation is a good practice for a longer dinnerware life, regardless if you are using melamine, china, or slate. You can maximize their service life by making sure that they are not overused nor subjected to unnecessary forces. Most restaurants follow the rule of thirds – 1/3 in use, 1/3 being cleaned, and 1/3 in rest.

Another simple practice that can lower replacement cost is the proper use of the dishwasher and racks. Overloading them can use the plates to rub and bang against each other, hence subject them to more chipping. Stacking them too high can also subject them to falling, so avoiding this will lessen the incidences of breaking. Dinnerware should not be exposed to direct flame or other extreme temperatures. Doing so will maintain the durability and luster of the material. Accurate and regular inventory can also help you lessen replacement costs, as it will keep track of their usage, hence avoiding overuse of your dinnerware.

Maintaining your dinnerware is an aspect that you have to factor in. The last thing you do not want is to spend a sum for unexpected dinnerware replacement. Choosing a durable material, properly handling them, and regularly doing inventories can maximize the service life of your dinnerware, therefore reducing eventual replacement costs.