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Custom Slate Engraving Guide

Step 1: Decide what you want engraved. If it is text only, make sure it is spelled correctly and shown exactly as you want it. Please specify if you would like part of your text on different lines. If you are going to engrave a logo or an image, you will need to follow the guidelines further below.

Step 2: Choose which font you want and where you would like your text placed on the slate. Please see the image below for font choices. 

Step 3: Simply tell us your text, font, placement, and optional image in the description box when you check out.

For Images and Logos:

Step 1: The image you send to us must be your property, or you must have the permission of the owner to use it. We are able to use images that are free for commercial use, but any other images you find on the web we legally cannot use.

Step 2: Your image or logo must be black and white only. We cannot engrave grays or color, so anything other than black and white will not show up. Additionally, small details or small text may not show up clearly.

Step 3: Make sure the image you send us is a big enough size and resolution. The necessary resolution is 300 pixels/inch, and the image should be as many inches tall and wide as you want it to be engraved on the slate. Smaller resolutions or image sizes will look grainy and unclear when engraved.

Step 4: Submit your image or logo in the options HERE, or by e-mail at

If you need further clarification, don't hesitate to e-mail us or use our chat app at the bottom right of your screen. We are very happy to help.