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How Do You Know the Kitchen is Clean at a Restaurant?

There are millions of different restaurants to dine at all over America. The Health Department is very busy keeping track of the numerous restaurants around. Most restaurants get inspected every three months unless they have huge deficiencies. Here is how you can tell if the restaurants you are dining at are following proper sanitation behind the kitchen where your food is made.

The Rest Rooms

Make it a habit to visit the rest rooms upon your arrival. Check to see if the trash has been taken out or if there is trash on the floor. Notice if there is soap and fresh towels for you to use. Many great restaurants have cleanliness check list posted in the restroom. See if it is up to date. Rest room cleanliness has a tremendous view on how the kitchen might look like.

Tables and Chairs

After you have sat down at your table look around the floor. Be aware of and trash that is located on the floor. Check and see it they have cleaned the area before seating you. Look at the table or clothes and make sure they are clean or new. If an establishment makes a great effort for cleanliness and cleans up every time someone new comes in they most likely train their staff effectively about sanitation.

Condiments on Tables

This will be one of the major tests. Open up the condiments on the table. Well ran restaurants will fill the condiments up or replace it with new ones ever time someone new has sat down. Check the tops of the condiments and you can see if it is months old or new and fresh. When a restaurant makes that much of an effort to clean the condiments, it is most likely they practice the same amount of cleanliness in the kitchen.

Silverware and Restaurant Plates

Sparkling clean silverware, plates, and cups can set aside sanitary establishment from dirty restaurants. One disadvantage of our slateplates, is that it's difficult to notice if they are actually dirty or not, as they are black. However, the majority of the restaurants that will be using our plates, tend to be high-end - and as you can imagine, the vast majority of high end restaurants, are not going to have issues with keeping our slate plates clean. Our slate plates are dish-washer safe, and they are very easy to clean, there's no excuse for a dirty slate plate!

Be on the look out for cups with lip stick marks or food particles. Check underneath the plates for cleanliness. When the dishes are sparkling clean the kitchen is sparkling clean. Since the dish washer is the hardest job in the kitchen.

Next time you dine out you can practice these tips. Then you can determine if you would like to visit that restaurant again. You probably will not get sick from poor sanitation habits. However, you are paying top dollar for your meal and deserve the finest.