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How to Update an Old-Fashioned Restaurant's Kitchen Stove

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Purchasing a new restaurant doesn't always mean that you will acquire brand new kitchen appliances when you finalize a sale. If you are in luck, you will acquire some of our slate plates, which are perfect for restaurants and are over 500 million years old - definitely not brand new!. Often, you get the kitchen stove that has been the source of many meals over the past decade. Brand new designer stoves with modern heating elements are a nice feature, but you can also help modernize your current stove with a few simple tips. Moving into a new house is an expensive undertaking, and you might have to save to buy updated appliances. The simple suggestions will help you modernize the visual appeal of your slightly outdated kitchen stove.

Paint the Stove with Appliance Paint

If your kitchen stove is currently an off shade of yellow or green, you might find that it is nearly impossible to incorporate into your kitchen motif. Similarly, you may have inherited an outdate stove that is beginning to show some extreme signs of wear and tear. Most local hardware stores carry a spray paint that has been specially designed to adhere to a metal appliance. There are not many color options, but a neutral color like white, black, or beige should be easily attainable. Do not attempt to paint your stove in your kitchen or you will wind up with spray paint residue everywhere. Simply, remove your stove from your kitchen to an outdoor, well-ventilated area and follow the directions on the spray paint can.

Decorate the Stove Top Burners

More than likely, the stovetop burners on your outdated stove will have wire coils covering either an electric or a gas-burning surface. This slightly raised coil is perfect for displaying your favorite teakettle. Unsurprisingly, teakettles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes for your restaurant stove. You can create a modern and contemporary vibe in your kitchen area just by adding a decorative teakettle to your stove. Colorful teakettles can also be used to blend in with the decorative motif of your kitchen.

Add Plants to the Top of the Stove

In most cases, your stove will lean against a support wall with a small hood covering the stovetop. The area above the back of the stove can be used for many decorative purposes including a splashguard, decorative tile, a kitchen mirror, or plants. The small ledge on the back of your stove can be used to display some small terra cotta pots filled with little decorative plants. Also, you can use the wall space above the back of the stove and below the hood to display a decorative masterpiece. An outdated kitchen stove can be accessorized and painted to look like a new restaurant appliance. If you don't have the budget to buy a new modern restaurant stove, you can update your current one.