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Most Economical Ways to Renovate Your Restaurant's Kitchen

The kitchen is considered as the heart of a restaurant. Many people may like to change the appearance of their restaurants' kitchen, and many do so through our slate plates. When the layout of kitchen is well and the basic construction is good, no major building work is to be done during the renovation, kitchen cupboard renovation is considered a good cost-effective alternative for improving a kitchen. This type of kitchen improvement is often used when the kitchen appears as out of fashion or when renovation is felt necessary to increase the value of the house to sell it.

Now, the world is passing through a critical recession phase, the reality market is severely hit and the prices of restaurants are declining. Restaurant owners might be thinking of using the spring time as the ideal one and may go for the renovation of the kitchen to add to its value.

Purchasing the new ready to assemble kitchen cabinets may look costly and the cost may cross limit of the budget of the restaurant owners worried with recession. One should feel lucky, as there are many cost efficient alternatives now available for restaurant owners.

One of the journal, The Daily Journal has tackled this problem for the benefit of restaurant owners by publishing an article" cost effective ways to regenerate one of the busiest rooms in the restaurant". What they describe as the busiest room is the kitchen. The innovative methods suggested by the experts in this journal also provide with the cost involved in overhauling the cabinets in kitchen.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets:

Refacing with wooden or veneered doors can make a kitchen look entirely different. One should think over the cost of refacing the cabinets over installing the total new ready to assembled cabinets. If the kitchen cabinet structure or carcass is in sound condition, kitchen cupboard refacing can be a considered as a good low cost alternative. The main principle behind kitchen cabinet improvement is retaining the framework of the kitchen cabinets, and replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with a new material and style.

Usually the sides of the cabinets are also resurfaced. If you are looking for renovating your kitchen, make a visit to a home improvement supercenter. You can get all the details about the material and costs. You can find there the samples of different types of door panels and drawer fronts. The sales staff will provide you all information and you can select the right type of door and drawer fronts as per your liking. The choice of many of wood species, door shapes and finish alternatives may be exciting for you. Refacing is very economical. But it may not be the cheapest way always.

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets:

In one article one of the restaurant owners has mentioned that some times going for the new cabinets may prove less expensive than working on the old cabinets and regenerating them. He found that the price for doing refacing was much more. He got removed all the old cabinets and installed new cabinets made of semi custom quality of wood. He got fixed the Corian countertops and a tiled backlash. There was a saving of $4000 as compared to that estimated for doing the refacing. Assembled or ready to assemble cabinets available in stock are becoming less costly as compared to those custom designed cabinets.

Changing Hardware:

Sometimes exiting kitchen cabinets do not require any work on them because they may be in a very good condition. You may still like to renovate them fast. Easiest and the best way to impart a new look to them is replacing the hardware. You just bear the cost to put a new good looking hardware. Buy new hardware: hinges, handles, knobs, pull outs, stoppers and catchers and replace them all. In addition you can also install some decorative accents to enhance the appearance.

Even you can order this hardware to customize the cabinets which may give a look to reflect your own lifestyle. The overall cost for this not a burden to your account.


If everything is felt expensive beyond the scope of your budget, simply go for refinishing with new coat of good paint. It is possible to get all the paint finishing work done using washable oil based semi gloss paint just within $1200 to $ 1500.

You can conveniently select the way which is most economical and effective and at the same time within your budget.