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Stop Ants in Your Restaurant Before They Start

It's that time of year when rain soaked grounds drive ants to look for dryer and warmer places. The unfortunate thing for restaurants, is that those dryer and warmer places usually are in our restaurants. How many times have you woke up to a trail of ants in your kitchen that seem to be parading toward nothing. You haven't left out any food and the garbage is completely empty so what gives? Ants will usually start to make their way into our homes once it's either too cold and wet outside or, on the flip side of that, too hot and sunny. I have been using the following ant preventative system for about 5 years now and it has yet to fail me. Upon the onset of winter or summer I begin an ant repellent routine in my restaurant which consists of the following.

Spray Around Doors/Windows

Spray around all doors and windows that lead to the restaurants' kitchen. You will want to do this both inside and outside of your home. Make sure you get the unscented spray so as not to leave the "ant spray" smell lingering behind. You want to make sure you spray all entrances an ant can use to get in.

Spray Around Cabinets

Spray around the tops, bottoms and sides of all your cabinets. You will want to do this with your cabinet doors closed if you have dishes or food in them. If you empty out your cabinets first then it's perfectly fine to spray inside the cabinets. Just make sure the ant spray is dry and fumes are aired out before you put food and dishes back in them.

Spray base boards

Spray the perimeter of your restaurants' kitchen base boards. Make sure to get in between any cracks you see. These cracks are an open invitation for ants to come into your home.

Store Food Properly

Keep food containers and packages closed completely when storing them in cabinets, out on counter tops or anywhere else other than the refrigerator. I have found that you have to be especially careful with cereal boxes. Children tend not to close them completely and a lot of time this is where the ant trouble starts. It might be wise to just make it a habit to store cereal in the refrigerator. Doing this will help keep them fresh longer too. It would also be wise to store your sugar in the fridge too.

Following the above ant repellent routine in your restaurant will more than likely force ants to find another warm or cool spot. This routine can also be applied to other parts of your home. I would just like to iterate that you should always wash our plates, too, treat them like any other normal plates.