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Unique Restaurant Appeal - Vintage Dish Towels Turned Messenger Bag

How to Make a Messenger Bag Out of Vintage Feed sack Dish Towels For Your Restaurant

Vintage Feed sack towels are the cutest material to turn into a fun and hip messenger bag. Everywhere I look I come across great messenger bags - why shouldn't it be a part of your restaurant establishment - especially if you're already using our unique slate plates

They are such an easy shape and perfect for a first time sewer, too. Lately I have had great luck finding vintage feed sack dish towels on ebay as well, which led to this retro and modern messenger bag craft project!

To Make a Messenger Bag Out of Vintage Feed sack dish Towels

You Will Need:

3 Vintage feed sack dish towels

Sewing machine


If you cannot find vintage feed sack material that has already been made into dish towels, then you can cut your own fabric out to pieces that are about 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. You could also substitute new dish towels made in reproduction retro style!

So, the first thing you need to do it lay out the piece of vintage feed sack dish towel that you want to be the outside of your messenger bag face up on a flat surface.

Top this off with a second retro dish towel face down on the first piece.

Pin these two together.

Now, use your sewing machine to sew the tow side and the top together. Leave some of the bottom open so you can turn your messenger bag right side out.

Now, while the material is still right side on the inside, fold the bottom up about 2/3s of the way.

Pin the two sides together.

Sew each side down, leaving the open flap.

Now, turn the whole messenger bag inside out.

You will want to iron down your material to create a crisp edge and smooth surface.

Now, hand sew that small part you left open on the messenger bag so you could turn it inside out.

Now, to make the handle you need to take the final vintage feed sack dishtowel and cut it into a long strip that is about 6 inches wide.

If you need to make this handle longer than you dish towel is, cut two of these strips. Sew the short end together on one end to create one really long strap to the size you need.

Now, fold the whole long messenger bag strap over long wide, so you now have one strip about 3 inches wide.

Sew along the long side, not the folded side.

Turn this messenger bag handle inside out. Now, iron it flat.

Use your sewing machine to sew some more lines straight put the messenger bag handle. True doing this 3 to five times. You can use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine or a straight line. Space the evenly and sew along the length of the messenger bag handle.

Now, to attach the handle to the retro messenger bag fold the rough ends on the ends of the handle over. Iron them down flat.

Pin the handle ends to the left and right side of the messenger bag, right on the side.

Sew them on in a square rectangle. This should be as wide as the strap is and a tall as you have handle on the bag side.

You are finished! Now you have a new unique appeal for your restaurant!

You can add a clasp, vintage button, or snap to the front to keep the flap o your vintage feed sack dish towel messenger bag shut!