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FlameGuard Apron

FlameGuard Apron

With a SingeGuard™ apron, you're always protected. Its durable construction withstands whatever dangers your kitchen can throw at it. (Unless it's a flame-thrower. Please don't actually try that.)

Are you saying to yourself "now why would anybody need this?" Here are just a few places we think could use a bit of extra protection: Boy Scout Bonfires, Girl Scout Campouts, Thanksgiving Turkey Frys, Chilli Cook-outs, Pig Pickin's, Pizza Night, anywhere laughter and sparks fly. The SingeGuard™ is also designed for those more inclined for adventures in the kitchen, whether by accident or intention.

Made of fire-resistant cotton, a SingeGuard™ Cardinal provides a comfortable shield from any stray sparks or flames. The intense red fabric appeals to people who love warmth and flash, and the sturdy weave can keep up with all hardy assaults of nature. Best part? It's machine washable for the life of the product.

The fire-resistant straps loop around your body in a cross-back tie, preventing neck strain during prolonged cooking sessions. Hello pig pickin'! The straps are interchangeable, and available in Black Nylon, or a Wheat 100% Nomex, for a soft-in-hand feel that's fierce against flames.

Specifically constructed to lay flat against the body, our deep Bucket Pockets hold all your sundry essentials. The double-lined fabric offers extra protection against any flammable notebooks, and no gaping keeps spatulas and thermometers upright.

We all use our phones while cooking now, and protect yours in the SingeGuard apron's double-lined chest pocket. Keeps the lifeline close for chats with Grandma about her buttermilk chicken secrets, but out of reach from sparks, hot grease, and sticky fingers.

The SingeGuard™ has a custom engineered wrap-around design to cover your waist and hips from harm. The wide bib protects your pecs, and long front shields your thighs. Available in three sizes, measured in inches across the hip.

Size 1 is 36" wide; recommended for most people under 5'9"
Size 2 is 41" wide; recommended for most people between 5'9" and 6'2"
Size 3 is 45" wide