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About Us

The Call Of Slate


What Makes Our Platters Unique?


Slate is an amazing, natural material. Formed over millions of years of heat and pressure from shale and mud. As a metamorphic stone, it is extremely hard and durable.

As a natural product, slate from various locations around the world has some variations. As you can imagine, heat and pressure in the earth's crust varies by location, depth and time period. The most dense, durable and uniformly darkest slate comes from areas in Wales and Canada. Both of these seams of slate were created together at one time, before the Atlantic ocean grew between the continents.

The density of the slate is important in the quality of the product produced for serving ware. Less dense slate is lighter in color and may tend to flake during use (not good for food quality). It is also more likely that less dense slate will create sharp edges in the final product.

Just like you wouldn't choose just any wood for a cutting board or basket, it is important that natural materials be well selected and handled and evaluated during manufacture.

The deep, dark color of our product makes lighter or brightly colored foods "pop". As a background for food service, black is sometimes much better than white or wooden serving wear.

Think of your serving ware or plates as the "frame" for your food picture. The right frame can certainly improve the painting. That is the same as for plating food. Sometimes black is just a better choice to bring out the visual qualities of the serving.

Why Should You Use A Slateplate?


Once you use the best slate on the planet, the most dense and durable. And your manufacturing uses durable feet and ensures the material will not flake and has no sharp edges. Then your products are dishwasher (and sterilizer) safe. How fabulous to host a party and be able to put all of the serving ware in the dishwasher at the end of the evening!

We use only the darkest, densest slate from a specially identified geological seam of slate that spans from Maine/Canada to Wales/UK. Other manufacturer’s slate products use slate that is less dark and dense from other sources around the world.

For passed appetizers, slate is a lovely serving piece. It comes in many sizes. As a natural product, we don't need molds to make different sizes, we can just cut them in multiple sizes and shapes. So we can offer so many choices - when we don't have the costs of molds and production runs.

For chefs, that means we can make a few pieces of exactly the right size plates to "frame" their creations. Visual appeal is important to the enjoyment of the meal. Custom sizes pieces are perfect for creating and enhancing unique culinary creations.