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Displaying cheese

Hello every one. I am excited to share with you my favorite type of serving plate for guests - a cheese board!

Cheese boards is just perfect for me, when your place is full of family and friends, they often take a lot of your attention, but a cheese board definitely has a "set and forget" feel to it, the types of food that you put on it does not need cooking, or any great care, you just throw together something nice and leave it as it is!

In this article I'm going to share my favorite methodology when creating the perfect cheese board for my guests.

The first step is to consider - of course, is the cheese board! The material is important, you can use wood, you can use marble, or of course you could use our own slate cheese board (hint hint!). We have round shapes, we have rectangular shapes, we have square shapes - take your pick!

Honestly - any boards will do. If you are into cheese boards as much as I am, I do recommend that you try every kind... yes I love cheese boards too much.

The first thing you need to do is to put the foundation on your cheese board, or the center piece. A cheese board is similar to a table, it needs to draw your eyes to the center. I enjoy 

I recommend using fruits that has a variety of colors, a good example is grapes (I LOVE grapes), you can mix red, green and purple grapes, and then put it to the middle of your serving board - this looks great and this is half of what a cheese board is about (don't you want to impress your guests?)

My favorite cheese for putting on the board first, is usually something that is soft. You can take a french brie and put that on the board, then you would want something salty, like some french blue cheese (oh god yes).

When placing the cheese, you want to make it look somewhat organized while being practical, having it look organized will add much to the visual appeal, and ofcourse having it practical will avoid any awkward moments, so for that I recommend that you space the triangles out accordingly.

To have something in the middle, between the soft and the salty cheese, I like to go for something mild, you can use a goat cheese log.

And then for the fourth cheese, you can go for something a little bit more sweet like a stilton, they are great with fruits - any of the dried fruits are great, dried bananas, apricots, cranberry etc.

A cheese board is not complete without crackers. Don't get any of that crappy crackers, make sure you get some good crackers. Crackers come in a large variety of flavors and textures, and you already have a variety of cheese, why not have a variety in your crackers? So yes - get some crackers!

I love a cheese board because it becomes so interactive with your guests, because everybody of course wants to try their own flavor combinations and it keeps them all really busy, while you're in the kitchen getting the meal ready.

I love using cheese boards with guests because it is very interactive, there are so many options for them to choose from, and you will keep them very busy with all of the cheese and cracker options you have provided for them. Although I didn't cover it in this article, I do recommend that you experiment with different wines too.

Please give this one a try, and let me know what you think!