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Easy and Delish: 4-Ingredient Fluffy Boozy Orange Tarts

A yummy, fluffy, boozy orange tart in less than 30 minutes -- who wouldn’t want that? No one, that’s who! Because when you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, you only want what’s fast, easy, and delicious. Well, look nowhere because Denise Browning of Easy and Delish put up an orange tart recipe on one of our slate cheese boards that is so easy you would want to make them everyday. And did I mention you only need 4 ingredients for it? Yes, you read that one right. A 4-ingredient Fluffy, Boozy Orange Tarts by Denise that takes no time to prepare!

First things first, prep your store-bought pie crust by cutting them into circles using a cookie cutter. Place them into tart pans and bake for 7-8 minutes. Let them cool and prepare your mixture of sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and orange liqueur. You may also use orange essence if you’re not into boozy tarts. Fill your tarts with the mixture and refrigerate. Don’t forget to sprinkle with orange zest and garnish with berries before serving! It’s that quick and simple!

Now, if you want to take it to the next level and up your tart game to impress your families and friends, you can always serve your boozy tarts on our slate cheese boards, just like what Denise did. The dark and fine finish of the slate serving board creates nice contrast against the color of your tart and fresh fruits. Your fluffy boozy orange tarts will surely look more gourmet than it already is! Who would even thought you made it in a blink of an eye? This would be great for snacks with your friends!