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Food Presentation: Why is it necessary?

Do you know that we eat not only with our mouths, but also with our eyes? The feat of a food does not just depend on its taste and flavor, but also on its visual appeal. The moment you sit on a restaurant, you've already passed judgment on its every visual detail before you even have a bite of its best dish. This is why chefs and restaurateurs deem food plating as essential as taste itself. This is especially significant nowadays when every social media feed has become some sort of culinary magazine! In today's food culture, it is a must that your food plating be Instagram-worthy.

There should be a balance of sense and style in how you present your food. It should be interesting enough that it does not look stiff and boring, yet tasty enough that it lives up to its visual appeal. Presenting your dish attractively is no doubt substantial in presenting your restaurant. Here are some reasons why:

1. The promise of flavor

You know when a food looks food, you want to take a bite right then and there? When something looks so attractive, you kind of expect it to taste just as good. Food presentation does that -- it promises a memorable discovery for your palate. If your guests find interest in the plating, then they get interested in its taste.

2. A lasting impression

Your guests will remember their first experience with your food. And guess what, they experience your food first through their eyes! Its aesthetic appeal is the first thing they will judge before the flavor. Your best, most savory dish will fail to impress your diners when you fail to strikingly present it. 

3. Presenting food is presenting your restaurant

People do not only dine in your restaurant. They go there to meet and catch with long time friends, celebrate with family, or take their significant other on a date. Your restaurant is a place of celebrating daily life with good food! The inclusive appeal of your establishment should convey that statement you want to make for your restaurant, and your food is one major part of that goal. 

4.  Mindful eating
When you create a dish, you imagine it in your head how it's supposed to be eaten. Will the steak taste better together with the asparagus? The guest shouldn't have to guess it, it should show on how they are plated together. Presenting a food based on its nutritional category also helps, especially on healthier dishes.





5. Eating as a sensuous experience

Eating is indeed a sensuous experience. The success of a dining experience relies on how it kindled your senses. How it looks, smells, tastes, the environment, who you are with -- each of these contribute to how you enjoy your food. You are most likely to enjoy dining when all your senses -- not just taste -- are satisfied. This is actually scientifically proven, our minds can trick us in liking our food better when we are having a great time!


6. You get free ads with all the #foodporn photos you will get

Nowadays, people have officially become 'foodies', posting photos of food on every social media platform before actually eating them. When your food is attractive enough to be pinned on Pinterest, then you reach out to a wider market! Truly one of the amazing advantages of the internet-savvy generation. Take advantage of it and make sure you present your food interestingly so people will want to try them!

Food presentation is undeniably significant. Making your food look so appealing that your guests salivate even before tasting them is a job that you have to master. This will definitely give them an experience that they will surely remember. For more information on how slateplate can help, visit this page