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How much cheese should you use when serving?

Hello - today we're going to build the perfect cheese board!

If your cheese board is part of a larger meal, you want 2 oz. of cheese per guest. If the cheese board is the main event, then it should be 4 oz. of cheese per guest - preferably 1 oz. of 4 different types of cheese.

For what cheese to use, lets start with;

Young fresh cheese - 

Lactic notes

Bright acidity

Grass, lemon

Beautiful, clean flavors.

From there, we go to more mature cheese. The washed rind cheese, which has a fudgy texture, and an assertive flavor.

Next, we have cheddar, it's always a crowd pleaser, nutty, sweet, with notes of brown color and caramel. A aged cheddar is a perfect compliment to this cheese board.

Next we are going for a more mature cheese, which tends to have a firm texture, have good salt - these pair well with nice, sweet compliments.

Lastly, we have the big bad blue, the bayley hazen blue- which has a strong, assertive mold, nice peppery bite - a great way to finish of a cheese plate.

Some honey, some dried fruit - and you're set to party!

To re-cap, when building a perfect a cheese board, the overarching theme is balance. You want to start with the lightly aged cheese. Work your way to the more assertive flavors, and then finish with something strong - like the blue.