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How To Give Your Guests a Top Notch Dining Experience

Restaurateurs do not only aim to serve good food. More than anything, they want the loyalty of their customers. A good restaurant provides not just dining, but a positive experience their customers will want to remember and come back to. But what do customers exactly look for in a dining experience? Of course, good food is essential, but in reality, it's actually the little details that make them enjoy the food a little more. Here are some tips on how to give your guests a top notch dining experience.

1. Customer service

The moment your guests walk into your establishment, they take notice of the kind of service they are given. The key here is to have a friendly, approachable, and welcoming staff right at the reception. It will surely create a positive and warm impression the moment they walk in. Service staff must also be attentive to the guests, taking note of their needs and making them feel important.

2. Sincerity and personalization

Creating a sincere connection with your guest will make their experience a positive one Welcome them with an actual greeting, and not just a generic hello. Know them by name and call them by that. Remember their orders and preferences, and always smile. This will make them feel that you want them to have a personal experience in their establishment. This is particularly helpful especially for guests who frequent your restaurant. Your restaurant patrons will appreciate if you learn about them well.

3. Well-informed staff

For first time guests, it is a must that your staff be knowledgeable about your restaurant -- your menu, house specialties, chef recommendations, even details about your food such as health information or wine pairings. If customers' queries are answered by the a well-informed wait staff, it will leave them a positive impression about your establishment. Sharing little nice-to-know details of your menu to your guests will excite them, not only about the food, but also of what they're about to experience.

4. Adding value to dining

Diners eat at restaurants to experience something, whether it is a new food item they want to try, or a frequent guest ordering the usual. Regardless if your establishment offers casual or fine dining, you have to offer value to your guests. People tend to calculate their dining experience vis-a-vis its cost, and if they feel that the food and service measured up to its monetary value, they will most likely come back.

5. The value of time

None of us wants to waste time. Guests expect to be greeted at the door and seated within minutes, and they want their food served in the shortest time possible. As a business owner, you never want to make them wait until they become 'hangry'. You want them to feel that they are prioritized. Your servers must know the right time to serve the appetizer, main dish, and dessert.

Restaurant owners are well aware of the fact that more than the food, they are actually in the hospitality business. The key for an exceptional dining experience for your guests is your hospitality. Apart from remembering the food they had, and the plating that you used, they will never forget how you made them feel while they were in your establishment.