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What to put on your food slate board to impress your guests

Hello, I'm going to explain to you how to spice up your cheese board.

When you're putting together a cheese board, you want a variety of different cheese styles, milk types, textures.

You want to cover a lot of different basis. Something sweet, something crunchy, something salty. This is to keep a large variety. Some sort of a vehicle.

Cheese needs a vehicle to get into your mouth, otherwise people just leave it on the plate. So some great crackers serves as a great vehicle. You also have oatcakes, which is on the sweeter side of the spectrum - you could also use cookies!

When you're thinking of what to pair with your cheese board, honey is great for softer, fresher cheeses. The sweet taste of the honey really goes well with the young, soft, and specifically the tangy cheeses. It creates a really nice balance.

Even pickles and cheese is a great option. They have a lot of acidity and crunch, which compliments the cheese.

Cheddar tends to go well with a lot of different things, but it especially goes well with tart jam. The rich savory notes of the cheddar is a great contrast to the sweet notes of the tart jam. Looks great on the board, too.

We like to pair some of the cheese with pistachios - you can even get pistachios as a thick sauce, which is like a posh version of nutella.

Last but not least, blue cheese. People love to pair sweet food with blue cheese, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, walnuts - these are classics, and are a crowd pleaser.

If you want to go off the beaten path, you could go with kimchi - fermented cabbage, they are going to stink but if you pair it with blue cheese, it will taste like buffalo chicken wings!

You don't need every type of cheese for your board. 3 or 4 will cover the basics. Something soft, hard, and in the middle. For the extras, something crunch (aka a vehicle), or something sweet, something savory, will go great with the cheese