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Recipes Worth Repeating: Garlic Mayo Chicken Baguette with Gyuere Cheese

In the advent of “food porn” on social media, the food you serve must not only be delicious, but also Instagram worthy! Even the simplest appetizer you put together in 30 minutes or less can be made more interesting with beautiful plating. That’s actually what Amanda Mason of Recipes Worth Repeating does every time! She puts up easy-to-do recipes that, well, to simply say it, you can do over and over for your kids and the rest of the family. She plates them beautifully, and the best part is that she makes them gluten-free as well, so you can have a traditional or gluten-free option for every recipe.

One of the simplest, if not the simplest ever, recipes she posted was her Garlic Mayo Chicken Baguettes with Gruyere. She describes it as the “perfect appetizer or snack”, well because for one, it is so easy to prepare, and two, it is bursting with flavor. Baguette, garlic mayo, chicken, and cheese are basically everything you need. Pair it with some fresh, juicy cherry tomatoes if you like!

Okay, so let us talk about the garlic mayonnaise first, because that’s what gave birth to this recipe so I think it deserves a highlight, plus it’s super easy to make and you can use it for any sandwich, really. You mix together mayonnaise, fresh garlic, pepper, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice, and that’s it, your homemade garlic mayo that you can use for practically anything! Just make sure to keep it in your fridge to keep it fresh.

And then we go to the Garlic Mayo Chicken Baguettes with Gyuere recipe. You basically just cut your baguettes (or gluten-free bread) into ½ inch slices, spread your garlic mayo on top of it, place thin slices of cooked chicken breast, and then your Gyuere cheese (sliced or shredded) on top. Pop them into your oven and roast until the cheese melts. And guess what’s next? Yes, you put it on a dark slate cheese tray, plate it nicely, take some photos, and upload them with the hashtag #foodporn! Amanda used the 6” x 12” pairing cheese slate – the perfect size for your mini sandwiches and bite-sized appetizers. The dark finish or rustic look of the slate tray surely adds character to your simple snack!

Now that you’re done impressing your friends on social media with your beautifully plated Garlic Mayo Chicken Baguettes with Gyuere cheese, you can start gobbling them up! Her son suggests pairing the baguettes with cherry tomatoes to make them “look so pretty in your photos”, and of course it tastes good amazing as well. And because this recipe is a sure hit, you can always make it again next time, whether it be for lunch, snack, or as appetizer!

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