What makes Slateplate different?
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What makes Slateplate different?




Slateplate uses a specific kind of slate quarried in only one place in all of North America. It has deep, beautiful, and subtle variegated black hues and bands of varying thickness throughout which can be seen when the slate catches the light. Our slate is one of the only 'true black' slates and it is the color that has been used for generations in food service. Most of the other good quality slates on the market are New York or Vermont Slate, which is a fine slate product, but it is gray- not black like ours as you can see above. Sadly, most 'black-looking' slates on the market, especially those that you see pre-packaged and shrink-wrapped, are actually Chinese slate which is very thin and extremely brittle. They achieve the black look by applying water 

Slateplate only uses real, natural North American black slate for our products.



Our slates have natural bands which gives them their unique look and feel, but the variation is always minimal keeping the face primarily uniform. It makes our slate an amazing surface for placing food, cheeses or décor. Other slates are around the same thickness but the variance in the face can be extensive revealing a chunky, wavy surface as seen above. This means your food or cheese is not going to sit straight and they can’t be used for any flat-bottom items like candles, glasses or pots and pans. Additionally, the other slates not having a smooth, uniform surface allows for small chips of slate to break free and worse, for particles of food to get caught in those creases. 

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Slateplate slates have the smoothest, most consistent and uniform surface available in a natural slate product.



Sure, edges are probably not the most important thing to you, but in truth they are very important to the slate. There are two main factors at play with slate edges, sharpness and uniformity. Slate is much like porcelain, so unfinished edges can be sharp or dangerous. Every Slateplate is hand finished to provide a smooth, finished edge without compromising the look and feel of the slate. Our edges are also thin and have a low variance in size and edge chipping when compared to other slates. Most others have extensive edge chipping giving them a wavy, unfinished look and making them prone to flaking.

Slateplate edges are always hand-finished resulting in the most uniform and visually pleasing natural edging possible.



You’ll find many pictures online of slate cheese boards with chalk writing on them. We can assure you that if they are not on a Slateplate that those words were drawn on by an artist. As you can see above the Slateplate allows for a smooth, fine chalk line because it is nearly flat without much variance in the face. The competition’s slate is like writing on, well, a rock. It is not uniform and it forces the chalk to jump around when writing making it difficult to write legibly. Most of our slates also come with a stick of pure soapstone chalk which is completely natural and also food safe. The hard gypsum chalk you will find in stores works too, but it is not up to our standards.

Slateplates provide one of the smoothest chalk-writing natural slate surfaces available.




After much R&D, which you probably wouldn’t expect in a slate, we came to the conclusion that although felt bottomed slates appear nice; a slightly raised, leveled, non-slip and waterproof slate is better. The main two issues with felt is that it doesn’t create a level product and it’s not waterproof. Our clear acrylic feet create a level slate and protect your surfaces. They’re also non-slip so your slate stays put, and the entire slate is waterproof so it can be hand-washed or in most cases is also dishwasher safe. Other slates use glued-on felt which adheres to the bottom of the slate or they provide cork or felt feet which you have to try and level yourself, and that isn't easy to do.

Every Slateplate is professionally leveled, is waterproof and in most cases is dishwasher safe.