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Slate Cheese Board

Unique Slate Cheese Board


There are few things more visually pleasing than the stark 
contrast of natural, deep black slate against the light and welcome presence of fresh cheeses, fruit, meats and breads.

Slate has always been the staple when it comes to plating cheese because of its unique physical properties and visual appeal; the dark color of the natural stone brightens your cheeses and other foods making your dishes or offerings more vibrant and attractive.

Our footing keeps the slate board stable on the table and easy to pick up, and the board is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher… that's why our slate is often used as restaurant plates!

We offer our boards in a variety of sizes, suited to your easy-going needs, or for the many restaurants that use our boards. We also have stainless steel handles available for select sizes, as well as gift boxes for certain sizes. You can take a look at our gift boxes here.

We also offer two different edge finishes. Our original, hand-cut and finished, natural edge and surface provides a subtle texture. Our latest, carved edge and surfaced slates are smooth and refined. Both can be warmed or chilled prior to serving, and are dishwasher safe.

Slate works great as a chalk board so it takes an ordinary serving dish and makes it different and fun. For the ultimate unique gift, any of our slate serving boards or trays can be personalized with laser engraving


This product is Engravable

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Comes with

Dishwasher safe cheese board
Dishwasher safe
Acrylic feet
Non-slip Acrylic feet

soapstone chalk
One Soapstone chalk

Most orders placed prior to 11AM EST, M-F will ship out the same day or the next day. If engraving is part of your order, shipping may take an additional day or two. Whereas this is not always possible, we always ship within 2-3 Business Days as a worst case scenario.

We typically ship via Fedex Ground which takes 1-3 business days for East Coast, 2-5 business days for Midwest, and 4-7 business days for West Coast, but in some instances ship USPS which will have a 2-5 business day transit time.

We are happy to expedite your order and ship via 2Day/Overnight - please contact us BEFORE you place the order so we can let you know the additional shipping charge.

If you wish to ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or a DPO/APO address, please contact us prior to placing your order as well, as additional shipping charges may apply.


We want you to be happy and will send a replacement on any item broken in transit (see details below). Since slate is a natural stone, we can not refund your money if you are unhappy with the texture or color of the product. Please review our photos, they are very representative of the final product that we ship. There are no refunds for custom lasered items.

Although very rare, if you receive a slate that has been broken in transit, please contact us and we will ship you out a replacement or refund your purchase. We can not take any action though until you provide us with a photo of the broken product.

Slateplate is a natural stone product.

Variation in texture , size and composition of the slate is normal, the result of nature’s processes in formation and the unique beauty of a Slateplate.

Our slate plates and serving trays range in thickness from 1/4"-3/8". Individual slates may vary in thickness over the course of the slate, which is not uncommon and does not affect the quality or strength of the slate. All slate products are hand finished and leveled.

Each slateplate is put through a rigorous, hand-finishing process to eliminate flaking and sharp edges. If a portion of the face of your slate chips or is scratched, simply rub a small amount of olive oil on it to restore its finish.

Slateplate is very strong, but if you drop it, it may break or shatter. Any portion of a broken slate is as sharp as or sharper than glass, so please be careful to clean it up and discard the broken slate.

If your slate has acrylic feet, it is dishwasher safe. Slates with handles or felt feet are not dishwasher safe. Never put your slate in the microwave or the oven. Slate conducts heat and will be extremely hot. You can put your slateplate in a warming tray (for ceramic dishes) or the refrigerator to preheat or cool the slate prior to use.

If you have any other questions, ask away at Live Chat, or Contact Us.

CLICK HERE for our Use and Care Instructions.

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slate plates slate plates slate plates slate platesslate plates
6x12 pairing plate
The art of wine and cheese pairing goes back a very, very long time but is more alive now than ever.
One of the best ways to pair your wine with your cheese is by using our Slate Pairing Plate. At a comfortable 6" x 12" in size, it gives the right amount of room to offer dueling cheeses with descriptive chalk names etched alongside them- the winner is of course up to your palate.

The Original Slateplate
Our 8"x16" original slateplate is a traditional size and shape for successfully plating of up to 4 ample cheese wedges or countless smaller items.
It will surprise you how much more delectable your presentations materialize atop its deep, lustrous finish when opposed to the simple look of service on a washed-out ceramic plate.

Cheese & Serving Board - 12x18
Our most traditional size and shape board is the 12" x 18". Its large size gives you ample room to arrange an assortment of cheeses, meats and crackers. It also allows for plenty of space for writing cheese names or adding pairing support items like charcuterie.

slate serving tray
This is our long, sleek 6" x 22" Slate Serving Tray. You can put everything on these from votive candles to a line of gourmet desserts to a whole lot of sushi rolls and then carry them all around with ease!

Serving Tray - 10x20
The Slate Cheese Tray was developed in response to numerous customer requests for a large serving tray.

Super Slate - 12x24
Our largest slate offering, and also the largest you are going to find anywhere, is the colossal 12" x 24" Extra Large board.
At an imposing two feet long, this slate can handle a whole lot of whatever you want to put on it! Perfect for parties, as a serving tray, large place setting and more, the Super Slate is up for the task.

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