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Living The Gourmet

Living the (Life of a) Gourmet

With a blog titled as such, you would know right away that Catherine from Living the Gourmet is no stranger to delicious food and high-caliber cooking. In fact, no further proof is needed once you get to read her posts and skim her recipes - Catherine is definitely "food authority".

But just because we said authority doesn't mean you should get up and run the other direction. It's true, she has such a sophisticated taste in food, and why shouldn't she? Italians have their cuisine embedded in their culture. It's practically in their DNA.

An assortment of fruits, herbs, and spices make for a quirky and colorful photograph. Recipe here

This the exact reason we wanted to gift her with our Slateplate serving platter. We were confident that our product is well-suited to her elegant tastes - and we were right. We definitely appreciated how Catherine made use of the Slateplate serving platter with her recipes: it's apparent that good-looking food should be on good-looking servingware. I think it's safe to say that she loves it a lot! We wouldn't blame her, though. Her creations are way too beautiful and scrumptious to be served on an ordinary platter.

One of the first recipes she has used our slate serving board for is her family's recipe for the Honey Nut Tart. You'd think at first glance that it looks like your typical pecan pie, but you'd be wrong! Catherine's recipe, in fact, makes use of assorted nuts, dried cranberries, chocolate, and a caramel honey glaze - far from typical! For only an hour of total for prep and baking, you will already have a pie so delectable and inviting, we are certain you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Definitely the perfect vibe for a holiday treat!

Among Catherine's "Slateplate recipes", the author's personal favorite is the Spelt Cherry Muffins. From the story in her blog, Catherine made these muffins as an eleventh hour idea for something to serve to an impromptu morning visitor. That statement alone should be enough to convince you on how easy this is to make.

Already a treat just by looking at it!

Just a fraction of an hour is needed to make these muffins, and you wouldn't even need a lot of kitchen tools! The dried cherries are the star of the show; they provide just the right touch of a fruit flavor to the pastry. It's actually tasty enough that way, but Catherine has taken it up another notch with the streusel topping made with cinnamon, almonds, oats, and brown sugar, among other things. Recipe here.

Both the Honey Nut Tart and the Spelt Cherry Muffins looked very delicious, especially as they sat on the Slateplate serving platters. The light and dark color contrast gave off the perfect simple yet elegant vibe that made the food seem just the right level of appetizing. Catherine has effortlessly made a treat not only for the taste buds, but for the eyesight as well. We are grateful she has thought of Slateplate as the perfect accompaniment to her treats. We are absolutely looking forward to her upcoming creations, which, undoubtedly, would be delightful - after all, she is living the (life of a) gourmet!

*All photos are courtesy of Catherine from Living the Gourmet. Used with permission.