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Restaurant Table Dimensions and your dinnerware

The ideal dinnerware is one of the pieces that will ultimately mark the connection of the food, service, and ambiance of your restaurant altogether on the table of your guest. Selecting the perfect dishware depends on several essential factors, such as cost, durability, type of material, and style. Moreover, your restaurant table size will also decide which dinnerware is most suitable.

How big is your table?



This is the most important thing to take into account, as this will define how much you can put on top of it. A typical restaurant table is about 30 inches, but having a smaller table is recently a growing trend especially in the US.


Restaurants now opt to use a smaller 24-inch table, instead of its larger counterpart. The 6-inch difference in dimension results to a bit of constraint on what can be placed on the table.


Let’s take a look at the usual dinner plate size that is about 12 inches, which is supposed to look standard in a 30-inch table. However, the plate of the same size will certainly look too big on a smaller 24-inch table.


You will have significantly less space for your silverware like forks, knives, and even glassware and napkins.

Therefore, when using a smaller table, the solution for a more organized and put-together dining table is to go with smaller dinnerware as well. Using a 10-inch slate plate, for example, can result to a very noticeable difference.


The extra couple of free room is crucial, as guests will be able to add more dinnerware next to their plate, perhaps something to hold their butter and their glass of wine.

Does your table make a statement?

Another significant thing to consider is your actual table setting. In setting your table, you should not only aim for function, but also for design, style, and overall ambiance. This is what we call “tablescape”.


A well-designed table does not only present food, but it transforms a meal into a memorable event. You want your guests to not only remember the multiple levels of gastronomic discoveries, but also the all-inclusive, top-notch dining experience. In terms of tablescaping, scale and proportion plays a major role, making sure that each component fits proportionately in relation to each other and to the table itself.


A nice, high-quality dinnerware will lose its charm if it looks either too big or too small for the table. Choosing a dinnerware that matches your table size and overall restaurant aesthetic will definitely create an impressive exposure for your establishment.

To accommodate for everything that your guest will experience in your restaurant, your table setting should also include the appropriate glassware, silverware, centerpieces, and other various pieces on your table.


Foundation elements that go underneath the actual dining plates are as important as the plates themselves. You may use a charger to add a little texture and shape, or you may use classic placemats in plain colors or with prints. These items, when brought together, should show how your guests are going to interact with the entirety of your tablescape.


You have to keep in mind that you are not just building plates on a table; you are creating a dining experience with depth, grace, and character – something that your customers will surely remember.

Certainly, dinnerware plays a major role in your restaurant, and deciding on it needs some careful decision-making. In picking the most ideal items for your restaurant, it is highly recommended to find a supplier that is reputed not just for quality service but also customer relations.


Some suppliers are willing to even give you samples to help you decide which dinnerware is most appropriate for your restaurant. You can use those samples to build your own tablescape.


For samples of our slateplate products, we welcome you to take a look at our restaurant dinnerware before you decide on what size is best for you.

Your guests return not just for the food, but for the experience.


Your choice of dinnerware and everything else that goes on to your table will make a real statement about the concept of your restaurant, and will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests.


With all the elements working well together, it will give your brand a distinct identity that your customers will remember. Whether you decide to go with plain white chinaware, or natural-finished dark slate plates, your priority should be the overall experience your guests are bound to have.